Force, Power, Might

CrossFit Potentia is a community of people focused on becoming the fittest people on earth. From 8 to 98, we enjoy working together to become more functionally fit. Come in and try a workout of constantly varied, functional movement done at high intensity.

CrossFit - Wed, Sep 28
<p>EMOM x 15</p><p>Min 1: 2 Ring Dip/Box Dip for Max Load</p><p>Min 2: 15 sec/side Side Elbow Plank</p><p>Min 3: 10 GHD Sit Up/V Up</p>
Weighted Ring Dip (5 sets of 2 reps building in weight)
Weighted Box Dip (5 sets of 2 reps Building in weight)
Metcon (Time)
<p>For Time:</p><p>600m Run</p><p>10 Pull Ups</p><p>10 Wall Ball (20/14 to 10ft Target)</p><p>400m Run</p><p>20 Pull Ups</p><p>20 Wall Ball</p><p>200m Run</p><p>30 Pull Ups</p><p>30 Wall Ball</p><p> </p><p>Time Cap: 15 Minutes</p><p>RX+: 30/20 to 10ft Target</p>
Cool Down
Cool Down (Checkmark)
<p>60 sec/side Lacrosse Ball Pec Smash</p><p>60 sec/side Lacrosse Ball Delt Smash</p><p>60 sec/side Quad Foam Roll</p><p>60 sec/side Hamstring Foam Roll</p>