Force, Power, Might

CrossFit Potentia is a community of people focused on becoming the fittest people on earth. From 8 to 98, we enjoy working together to become more functionally fit. Come in and try a workout of constantly varied, functional movement done at high intensity.

CrossFit - Mon, Feb 6
Back Squat (Working up to a 1RM 5 @ 75%; 3 @ 87-89%; 1 @ 96%; 1 @ 98-101%; 1 @ 101%)

Every 4 minutes x 5

Metcon (Time)


Strict HSPU

Lateral Burpee Over Bar

Time Cap: 7 minutes

Cool Down
Cool Down 1 (Checkmark)

60 sec/side Lacrosse Ball Tricep Smash

60 sec/side Low Back Foam Roll

60 sec/side Quad Foam Roll

60 sec/side Hamstring Foam Roll

Cool Down 2 (Checkmark)

2 min Very Slow PVC Strict Press

2 min Very Slow Burpees

2 min Recovery Pace Bike

This option is to train your muscle to clear lactic acid more efficently to make metcons more efficient