Ashlee Sharp

Favorite movement:

Back squat

How long have you been doing CF and why?

6 years. Started when I first moved to the Carolinas. It the was only thing since swimming in college that would keep my attention and brought back the competitive edge. I was able to see progress throughout workouts and could see myself getting better and stronger. I hadn’t found anything like that since my swimming days.

What is your favorite part about coaching?

Coaching allows me to help others and give them the same confidence that was handed to me when I started CrossFit. I love being able to help athletes find the right pace and stimulus in workouts and watch them continue to grow and get better in lifts and workouts that we repeat. There’s nothing better then seeing PRs happen.

Favorite cheat meal:

I love sweets… so any desserts really; ice cream, donuts, cupcakes, chocolate… the usual.

Life outside of the gym:

I’m the general manger of Athleta, so my schedule is crazy (love retail life)… but outside of that I enjoy spending time with my husband & pup… we love biking, hiking, cooking and fixing up our little house in west Greenville.