Ben Emerson


CrossFit L1

Favorite movement:

That’s a tough one. But if I had to choose, I would pick a heavy squat clean as my favorite movement in CrossFit, followed closely by handstand push-ups.

How long you’ve been doing CF & why:

I have been doing CrossFit since January of 2021. I joined because I knew there were competitions and that the workouts were intense. This intrigued me and I just committed to trying it out. I stuck around CrossFit pushes me to my limits and has given me a great community of people. I look forward to suffering through the workout each day and doing it with people I love.

What’s your favorite part about coaching:

My favorite part of coaching is the satisfaction it gives me knowing I helped someone improve. I love being able to give an athlete a strategy heading into the workout or being able to give them a cue before a lift to help with their form. Then when they follow through and succeed it brings me great joy to have them do something they didn’t know they had in them.

Favorite cheat meal:

My favorite cheat meal is easily BBQ. Some brisket with Mac n cheese, sweet potato soufflé, fried okra, and banana pudding to top it all off at the end. All of that with a sweet tea.

Life outside of the gym:

Outside of the gym, I enjoy going to coffee shops and local places with my fiancé. We love to do things outside such as hiking or taking walks around the lake at Furman. I also take frequent trips down to Charleston to enjoy some nice time at the beach.