Caroline Waters


CF-L1, PN L1* in the works!

Favorite movement:

Hang Cleans. Hang Snatches. Hang anything and everything

How long you’ve been doing CF and why:

I started CrossFit in 2013 by participating in a team sweat and instantly knew it was what had been missing from my life. I love CrossFit to this day because of how much it makes me appreciate my body, the way I’m built, and everything I am capable of. CrossFit has pushed me to discover new things about myself that I never thought were possible, as well as brought me to meeting life long friends.

What’s your favorite part about coaching?

Being able to be part of people’s journey as they accomplish their goals (regardless of how big or small) is one of my favorite parts of coaching. I love bringing my enthusiasm and getting to have fun with my classes… all while using my outside voice. Pushing others to reach their fullest potential is an incredibly awesome coach’s reward.

Favorite cheat meal:

Going ham on guacamole and lime tortilla chips.

Life outside of the gym:

Outside of the gym you can find me on the back of a horse, trying out a new recipe in the kitchen, fro-yo-ing with my boyfriend Michael, or playing outside in sunshine.