Dillon Knezevich


CrossFit L2

Favorite Movement:

My favorite movement is a bar muscle up. There is nothing like the quick second of weightlessness and then ending up on top of the bar and then doing it all over again. 

How long have you been doing CrossFit and why?

I have been doing CrossFit since early 2019.

What is your favorite part about coaching?

My favorite part about coaching is watching someone take a cue I gave them and implement it during a WOD and then watching their face light up when they realize that they nailed it.

Favorite cheat meal:

This is tough to choose because I love all food, but ultimately I can’t get the thought of pizza and cheese sticks out of my mind and I would drink a pop. Yes folks, that’s right I said pop haha. Then I would top it off with either ice cream or frozen custard, both are amazing.

Life outside of the gym:

I love to be outside either taking an occasional run or more often finding myself on a disc golf course with some friends. To chill out I love to pull up YouTube and watch episodes of the Buttery Bros or if it is Crossfit Sanctionals season watching the many Sanctionals that are happening. I also enjoy reading a good book and listening to podcasts frequently.