CrossFit L1

Favorite Movement:

Clean & Jerk. Any movement overhead is my strong point.

How long have you been doing CrossFit and why?

I started CF in 2017 when Lamar invited me to one of the local gyms.  He knew I was a former athlete and loved working out. The competitive yet family-oriented environment worked perfectly with my household dynamic and personal health goals. I have been doing it ever since.

What is your favorite part about coaching?

What I enjoy most about coaching is being a part of a positive change in someone’s life. You never know why someone has chosen CF. Some have worked out their entire life and this level of training may be common while others it’s a new endeavor.  Whatever their reasoning is for walking into our gym, my goal is to make them feel welcomed and give them something positive to minimize or eliminate the daily stress of life. CF did that for me and it’s only right that I return the same. Seeing that transformation in someone is what drives me as a coach.

Life outside of the gym:

Most of the week I’m serving as a bus driver to the many activities my kids have signed up for and or taking care of our new baby girl. But when I get some downtime, just spending quality time with my family, my love, and my friends any chance that I get is always a priority and what I enjoy the most. That quality time can be watching a movie, hanging out downtown or enjoying a cheat meals together.


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