Joseph Pelicano


CrossFit L1, Precision Nutrition Certified Coach

Favorite movement:

The snatch! It is the greatest test of strength, power, and timing and I love practicing.

How long you’ve been doing CF & why:

I’ve been doing CrossFit in an affiliate since 2015, but before that I started throwing around kettelbells and running circuits with my friends in 2010. Wellness and being able to move well has always been important to me and brought me in the door the first time, but the community and competition of CrossFit has ensured I’m here to stay.

What’s your favorite part about coaching:

I love coaching our athletes on olympic lifting, the place where strength and athleticism meet in the beautiful symphony of well-timed movement and power. Whether it’s a newbie learning the basics or an experienced lifter trying to perfect their technique, it never gets old.

Favorite cheat meal:

Bratwursts with sauerkraut and mustard.

Life outside of the gym:

I am a full-time chiropractic student and part-time nutrition coach for Rx Nutrition. I enjoy hiking, heading downtown with friends when the weather is nice, reading, watching the St. Louis Cardinals, and drinking lots of espresso.