Krista Mayberry, Co-Owner


Physical Therapist
CF Level 2, CF Gymnastics and CF Weight Lifting Certified

Favorite movement:

Pull ups, toes to bar, and cleans!

How long have you been doing Crossfit and why?

I have been involved with CrossFit for 4 years with one other year in a non-CrossFit format. I started with this style program as a balance to endurance training of running and triathlons as my body was feeling the affects of aging. I enjoy the functionality, crossover effects, day to day challenges of the programming, and it is never boring as it is constantly challenging both my strengths and weaknesses. CrossFit allows athletes to continually monitor progress in speed, balance and strength in so many avenues that would be difficult to achieve in solo training.

I was involved in creating this gym as I wanted to do a better job than what I received as a new person to this sport, and desired a place where safety, progression and community all came together to support like-minded athletes.

What is your favorite part about coaching?

My favorite part about coaching is witnessing the amazing changes that occur in our athletes. Some of these changes are visible to the eye in ever changing body composition with continued perseverance in the workouts and nutrition combined. The best changes are the ones you note in an athlete’s outlook, mental fortitude, and overall confidence to continually step outside their comfort zone and try one more time. It absolutely excites and yet humbles me as a person to observe our athletes take one piece of advise that just clicks in their minds and they relentlessly practice until it is achieved. Actually even better yet as a coach in our gym it astounds me every day how our class community supports and celebrates these victories with one another! That is the best part of coaching in this community.

What is your life like outside of the gym?

My life outside the gym involves working as a physical therapist by license and education for the last 20 years. Homelife with my husband, dogs and family mean so much to me as wellness for longevity is essential. I enjoy cross training in running, hot yoga and bike riding. I am not great at anything, but I so enjoying doing activity in general. There is no guarantee of tomorrow for anyone, so why would you not live the fullest each day? I so enjoy supporting my husband in his endeavor with FireForge Beer, as he has given countless variables to mine with this gym over these past years.

What is your favorite cheat meal?

My favorite cheat meal is not a cheat meal. My second favorite hobby is to cook (and garden), and it has taken me years to have a wonderful relationship with food. So I truly try to enjoy a good meal of all kinds with only guilty pleasure and not guilt. To answer that question though, I would say that glasses of bold red wines paired with cheeses, hummus, savory meats and toast points with some sort of decadent chocolate dessert would be a key ingredient to an amazing evening with friends filled with laughter and great stories.