CF L1, BIRTHFIT Certified Co

Favorite Movement:
Clean and Jerk

How long doing CF and Why:
I started CrossFit after I had lived in Dallas for two years and was struggling meeting people due to being a flight attendant. I had a few friends tell me I would enjoy it and I would be able to meet people and find some community. I finally pulled the trigger in 2015 and have loved it ever since! I found some lifelong friends from that first gym and the gyms I have been a part of since that time.

Favorite part about coaching:
My favorite thing about coaching is witnessing the light bulb moments for people. It’s so exciting when someone is able to understand their body moving through space and put all the pieces together. Seeing others succeed and challenge themselves is a fun thing to see.

Life outside gym:
If I’m not in the gym, you will find me helping run and manage Peak Recovery and Performance with my husband, Austin. We also enjoy bike riding and venturing out around town to watch some good football games and hang out with friends. Or most likely you will run into my dog, Chuck, and me walking the Swamp Rabbit trail. Chuck will most likely be carrying a stick and please say hi if you see us!


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